About McDonald Home Inspection

For transparent & thorough Vancouver Island Home Inspections, trust me to provide the best inspection around.

After all, my name is on the line.

My name is Cameron McDonald. I am the owner and sole employee of McDonald Home Inspection. Unlike the majority of home inspectors, I don’t come to this profession with an extensive history in the construction industry. Rather, for generations my family been involved in the design aspect of people’s homes. My grandfather gained experience drafting temporary structures such as bridges for the Canadian army during WW2. When he returned home to Canada he put his newfound knowledge to work designing homes and drafting blueprints for those in his community. I have spent time involved in various aspects of construction over the years, such as roofing and window and door installation, but my interest and knowledge in construction really crystalized during the years I spent working for my grandfather and uncle in their residential design office.

My earnest desire is to bring a new level of honesty and transparency to the home inspector profession. I believe that such transparency will be integral to any business hoping to survive in the coming decades. The average consumer has become far more educated and has grown weary of marketing double-talk and hollow buzzwords. In addition, the internet has changed the way that home inspectors, and all businesses, can and should advertise themselves. I will never hesitate to inform my paying customers what they deserve to know.

My loyalty is to you. You are hiring me to protect and educate you about what is likely the largest investment of your life, and that is what I intend to do. It’s simple really.

Cameron McDonald
Carson Dunlop Licensed Inspector